Tired of Diets that Leave You Feeling Tired and Hungry, Discover the Ideal Protein Difference.

If you lose muscle while dieting (a common occurrence, but rarely acknowledged side effect of most diet programs), you will almost certainly gain your lost weight back after you stop dieting. Why...because muscle burns calories. If you have lost muscle mass, you will have inhibited your body’s ability to burn calories once you return to your regular eating habits. Adequate amounts of protein, the back bone of the Ideal Protein weight loss protocol, will shield you from muscle loss while dieting. Each of Ideal Protein’s food products contain an average of 15+ grams of protein. Our weight loss protocol is designed to protect you while weight loss occurs because our focus isn’t just stable fat loss, but rather stable weight maintenance after dieting.

Right now is never too early to start losing weight and feeling better about yourself, so what are you waiting for...

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